Dallas Rhinoplasty Cadaver Lab

lab-slideThis unique cadaver lab allows each participant to perform each step of a rhinoplasty. Each is demonstrated and will also be explained in detail by Dr. Rohrich on the first day of the course. At the end of this important exercise, you will be able to improve your ability to perform these vital rhinoplasty techniques. An accompanying DVD will be available to allow you to view these essential steps.

Educational Objectives

At the end of the anatomy laboratory, the attendees should be able to:

  • Identify problems in nasal anatomy
  • Perform basic rhinoplasty maneuvers
  • Apply basic rhinoplasty techniques to their practicces

Fee Information
Cost is included with registration. Only those registered for the Dallas Rhinoplasty meeting may attend.

Participants registering for the Rhinoplasty Surgery Laboratory are required to bring the following instruments. We do not supply the instruments for your use.

  • Surgical gown or scrub suit
  • Mask
  • 10 cc syringes
  • 4-0 nylon sutures (3)
  • 25 gauge needle
  • Angled septal scissors
  • Centimeter ruler and/or calipers
  • Needle holder
  • Iris or nasal scissors
  • Brown-Adson forceps
  • Double Skin Hook (10 or 12mm)
  • Penlight
  • Single Skin Hooks (2)
  • 1” 30g needles (5)
  • 1 1/2” 25g needles (5)
  • Cottle or Freer elevator
  • Mallet
  • Nasal speculum
  • Aufricht retractor
  • Straight 2mm osteotome
  • Neivert curved osteotomies (left & right)
  • Dorsal rasp

Please note: Items cannot be in carry-on luggage. Instruments must be placed in checked luggage.

Lab registrants may purchase instruments in advance from some of the vendors who are supporting the symposium.  Please contact any of the following companies directly to place your order and they will arrange to have your order at the meeting for you to pick-up.

Anthony Products/Gio Pelle

7740 Records St.
Indianapolis, IN 46226
Phone: 800-428-1610
Contact: Chuck Petrucciani
Email: chuck@anthonyproducts.com

ASSI – Accurate Surgical

300 Shames Dr.
Westbury, NY 11590
Phone: 800-645-3569
Contact: Brian Lambert
Email: blambert@accuratesurgical.com

Black & Black Surgical, Inc.

5238 Royal Woods Parkway, Suite 170
Tucker, GA 30084
Contact: Bill Black
Email: billblack@blackandblacksurgical.com

Marina Medical Instruments

955 Shotgun Road
Sunrise, FL 33326
Phone: 800-697-1119
Fax: 800-748-2089
Email: ben@marinamedical.com


28438 Ballard Dr.
Lake Forest, IL. 60045
Phone: 847.549.1410
Fax: 847.549.1510
Contact: Bernie Teitz
Email: bern@micrins.com

MicroAire Surgical Instruments, LLC

3590 Grand Forks Blvd
Charlottesville, VA 22911
Phone: 800-722-0822
Contact: Customer Service
Email: inquiry@microaire.com

Microsurgery Instruments, Inc.

PO Box 1378
Bellaire, TX 77402
Phone: 847.549.1410
Fax: 847.549.1510
Contact: David Pan
Email: microusa@microsurgeryusa.com